Island Inpect.com is known for professional and comprehensive home inspections. We inspect everything from Roofs, A/C and Heating Systems , Plumbing, Mold, Swimming Pools, Sea walls, and Electrical Systems, . We do a full presale inspection. We give you a exhaustive report with digitals pictures. It covers the condition of a property that you are about to purchase or sell. 

Our home inspection covers roof coverings and components, attic, insulation, eves, and soffits, exterior and interior walls, windows, floors, and doors, structural components, crawl space, plumbing lines, and fixtures, electrical panels, switches, and outlets, heating and air conditioning systems and much more...

...We provide easy to read, computer generated inspection reports which
include digital photographs. In most cases, the reports are furnished within 24
hrs. of the physical inspection. We do commercial and Industrial Inspections

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We promise prompt, courteous service with a quick turnaround... 24 hours or less. Guaranteed!